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Domingo - 4 December 04:02

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Brauning - 5 November 22:46

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Carita - 8 September 13:37

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Tunby - 27 May 17:14

Kinks aren't queer. Kinks aren't queer. Kinks aren't queer. Being gay, bi, trans, etc. is not the same as having a kink. I adore this channel and Dr. Doe, but. please. DON'T group kink and queer. That puts LGBT children at risk, and is simply incorrect. LGBT identities are not inherently sexual, while kinksВ AREВ inherently sexual. Two. Different. Things. Nothing wrong with having a kink, but kink is not a sexual identity of its own, and has no place as its own identity under the LGBT acronym.

Dawna - 11 September 23:23

Love watching this video. She sexy and the way she moves, love it!

Ernest - 27 October 15:10

Claudie, so nice to read your comment, !
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Expose - 25 October 11:21

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